Because the marks you leave on this planet can either be permanent or washable.


Your innovative artistry makes you standout. Yet your creations aren’t selling out.


You artfully infuse life into your work. Yet your business is dying.

Art Nous-when?

Your artistic ability transcends time. Yet prospects don’t give you the time-of-day.


You need to chang-a-lang change that.


Let’s not sugarcoat shit: People don’t understand art.

Most people look at art and feel:

  • Confused
  • Perplexed
  • Bewildered


Their souls burn with a deep seeded desire to truly know art. Its flames spread rapidly, consuming their every thought. They must understand it.

So if people can’t comprehend art, then how the hell are you going to sell it? Let alone make a living?



By helping them interpret what they see.


The easiest way to do this is with words.

Research proves it, and we all know you can’t argue with that.



So how do you convince people to buy art using words? Let alone adding this task to your already busy schedule?

Even simpler.


You hire me.


My craft is the written word. Together, we’ll skillfully paint a written picture that’ll influence your audience. They’ll form favorable opinions about your creations and make the decision to take action, turning from browsers to buyers. They’ll appreciate why they’re seeing the green while you make green.


I’m Autumn Tompkins, and I’m rollin’ out words of art to make your indelible mark.


Don’t let your business wash away, contact me today.