One-off copywriting services? Pfft…no one eats just one potato chip, gets just one tattoo, or paints just one stroke on a canvas, right?


I prefer to work with my clients on a retainer. This isn’t just because I’m deliciously salty and my copy is colorful, it’s because you reap all the benefits of my undivided attention.


That’s right, we’d be friends with w-o-r-d benefits.

No walk of shame for you because of grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes.

No awkward business cuddling because you don’t have to emotionally invest in your copy.

No introduction to your parents because you and I will be the only people who know what we do.


Sound like no-strings-attached fun?


Awesome! Here are the delightful details:


What’s a copywriting retainer?


It’s a set number of content creation projects to be completed each month. You contract me to fulfill these projects.


How does it work?


Together, we’ll create a marketing and content plan for your business. This plan of action ensures that every month you have a set list of goals to be achieved. After this plan is created, we’ll enter into a retainer relationship.


Beware, you’ll be required to sign an agreement before we create your plan.


For new retainer clients, I require an initial commitment of 3 months. I know. I now. I know. 90 days seems like a looong (insert eye roll here) time. But I require this because it allows me to develop a stronger understanding of your business, which means you get the highest possible quality content from me (insert eyebrow raise and smirk here).


After the 3 months ends, you can continue with me on a month-to-month basis.


What are the not-so-bristlely benefits of a copywriting retainer?


Save mad Van Gogh money: You get consistent, sustained work on your marketing and content at a significantly lower rate than my one-off projects, which is great for your bottom line.


In-house copywriter: You’ll have the luxury of an on-call copywriter at your disposal without the headache of vacation time, a regular salary, or awkward water cooler small talk that you’d have with a permanent employee.


Smokin’ strategy: You’ll have a blazing marketing plan filled with targeted content that’ll deliver firey results and move your business forward.


When and how do we meet?


I believe in the importance of consistent and concise communication. You hired me to make your life easier. I intend to do just that, but initially we’ll have to communicate often in order to create your marketing and content plan. Be ready to talk 5 to 6 times via phone or Skype for the first 2 weeks of our retainer. After we finalize your plan and fall into a rhythm, we’ll primarily communicate via email once per week.


Do I need to manage the details of your work?


Hell-to-the-No. My role is to create content according to your plan. I’ll keep things running smoothly, so you can do what you do best. However, I do require approval for content, and in a timely manner. So I’ll remind you of deadlines, and expect a prompt reply.


But I’m a start up…Are your services right for me?


Abso-freaking-lutely! I LOVE working with start ups. You don’t have the time, money, or resources to make copywriting and marketing mistakes. I’m here to help you get it right the first time.


What’s the cost?

I charge one flat rate for a copywriting retainer, which offers a significant discount over my one-off projects. There are no hidden costs.
However, my work doesn’t include graphic design. I provide the words, you make it look pretty. If you need a referral for design, I know some great people and can point you in their direction.


Ready to get down, but not dirty…Let’s DO it!


Here are my copywriting retainer packages:


These are monthly prices:


Social Media Statuses-

$199 USD a month for 25 Facebook statuses (Photos for each status NOT included).


Blog Posts-

$299 USD a month for 4 blog posts.



$399 USD a month for 4 email newsletters (Design and layout NOT included).


Editing Services-

$399 USD a month for up to 15 pieces of copy. These are comprehensive edits including spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity, cohesion, & consistency.


Need something different? I’d be happy to create a custom retainer copywriting package based on your needs, as long as you agree to the 3 month commitment.