The Signature ink well copy Process


-Fill out the inquiry form on my Contact Me Page.


-I’ll contact you within 24 hours and set up a time to “talk” with you about your business. And by “talk” I mean you’ll get to hear my rattling, restrictive lung disease voice.


-During our “talk”, we’ll discuss your project’s needs and establish a timeline.


-24 hours after our “talk”, I’ll send you a project agreement that will include pricing. If you accept my proposition proposal, I’ll send you a custom questionnaire!


-On our agreed upon start date, I’ll be in touch with you to retrieve your completed questionnaire, and then, I’ll spend the day immersing myself in your business. Think stalking, but without all the paranoia and police reports. That same day, I’ll send you a palette full of follow-up questions via email. This will ensure I know everything there is to know about you and your business, so I can craft the most colorful, kick-ass copy for you.


-Thereafter, I’ll work with you throughout the project timeline, kickin’ it into third to create copy for you. I’ll be requesting feedback from you, and then editing, editing, and more editing.


-Lastly, I’ll send you your finalized masterpiece.


-Optional: We’ll get matching tattoos!