FAQs (Freaking Awesome Questions)

What will it cost?

I charge a simple, pre-agreed to flat rate per job.

My rates reflect the time and effort I put in, my experience, the advice I offer, and the value I add to your business.


Why don’t you charge by the word?

Because words aren’t all alike. A three-word tagline might require as many words as a 1000-word article to create. Some subjects are more complex than others.

If you’re looking for cheap content with a quick turnaround time, you can find many “content mills” online.


Why don’t you charge by the hour?

Because you can’t time creativity or force it.


Why should I pay so much just for you to write something?

My clients come for the writing, but stay for the thinking. They love me for my brain, and not my absurd good looks.

Your company in partnership with me will open up new perspectives for you about your value proposition, brand, and marketing.


Why shouldn’t I just use someone cheaper?

Because buying copy is like buying a haircut. You only look good if your stylist knows what they’re doing. Remember the golden rule; you get what you pay for.


Will you write a free sample?

Will you gift me your first born child? That’s what I thought. So, as for a free sample, probably not.

There are plenty of samples to read in my portfolio. Ask, and I’ll send you some.


How do you usually work?

See The Signature ink well copy Process.


How long will it take?

This depends on the size of the project and my workload.

I can often begin work within two to three weeks.

I do, however, take on emergency projects for an extra fee.


Do you write SEO content?

Naturally. But let’s be real for a hot second; SEO only gets you so far. In order to sell your products and services and turn prospects into loyal clients, you need to create an emotional connection with them. You do this by sharing your story, not by using the same five keywords in every paragraph.


Do you I need to sign a contract for your services?

First of all, I call it an agreement. Second, YES. An agreement sets expectations and holds each of us accountable.


Do you offer free revisions?

Absolutely. As part of our agreement, you’re entitled to one free revision. I pride myself on getting it right the first time, so I doubt you’ll need a revision.


Still have questions? Email me: autumn@inkwellcopy.com