Copywriting Packages

Copywriting Packages

Titian Tramp Stamp

Web Presence Package 

-Home Page
-About Page
-Product/Services Page
-Product/Service Descriptions
-Philosophy Page
-Landing Page
-Sales Page

$997 USD

Think alluring site without being considered a business of ill repute.


Raphael Sanzio Sleeve

Author / Speaker Media Kit

-Cover letter introducing you and your media kit to the recipient
-Three types of biographies
-Media release about your book/you
-Article about the topic of your book/topic of your speech
-Review for your book/speaking performances
-Synopsis of your book/presentation

$997 USD

Think I’ll knock-your-socks-off and so will my business because working towards someone else’s dream is so 1999.


Sandro Botticelli Back Piece

Artist Exhibition Proposal 

-Cover Letter / Intro Letter to Galleries
-Artist Statement
-Three types of Biographies
-Sales Letter
-Media release about your show
-Article about the topic of your show
-Review of your show

$997 USD

Think anything goes, but it won’t go south.