The copywriting & editing industries of today is shrouded in a cloak of mystery. They brandish daggers of SEO, keywords, & analytics, aimed straight for your heart.

They demand…

  • You write copy that’s packed with keywords, so you rank high in Google.
  • You spend 9 hours writing copy, but only 20 minutes editing it.
  • And you NEVER break any of the copy “rules”.

So help you God.

Otherwise, your business will spiral through the 9 circles of Hell.


I won’t let you be held hostage by these short-sighted half truths.

I want to reveal to you the true nature of copywriting & editing. One that teaches you the importance of…

Creating a connection by engaging with your clients, so they buy into you.

Because everything you write is a sales page.

Getting so far inside your clients’ heads, you might actually know what they’re thinking.

Because everything you write must address their needs.

Learning all the “rules”, so writing copy becomes easier and more simple.

Because everything you write should flow from your fingertips to fit your needs.

Being patient when writing copy, so you edit it thoroughly for spelling, grammar, & punctuation errors.

Because everything you write must be clear, cohesive, & consistent.

Let me show you how to enhance your copywriting skills, increase your creativity, and empower your pens.

Because writing powerful copy shouldn’t be a secret or painful.

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