Clients Sharing Their Love



Deondriea Cantrice

Celebrated Author & Dynamic Speaker

“As an author and marketing professional, I could not envision hiring a copywriter, after all people were paying me to write for them. My business coach recommended Autumn. I reluctantly hired hired her and yes I cringed when I made my payment. However, it was one of the best business investments that I have ever made.

I didn’t even really know what I needed her to do, I just knew I needed new copy. In fact I think I said “I don’t know” to her at least 100 times. But I knew if I didn’t hire her immediately, I would have talked myself out of it. I had a few minor conversations with Autumn and within a few weeks she returned to me AMAZING copy! She captured my voice and my vision, then added WOW!

I have not implemented all the items that Autumn crafted for me, but I have already received some return on my investment. But more importantly, hiring Autumn allowed me to have the time to focus on my core competencies and serve my clients better. I highly recommend Autumn if you want sexy, powerful and unique copy for your mediakit, website or other correspondences.

Since I initially hired Autumn, I have contracted her for 2 other projects and will continue to work with her. She is efficient, professional, meets her set turn around time, and I’m continually impressed with her creativity and skill with each project. ”



Lynette Davis

Social Media Manager | Virtual Assistant | Implementation Specialist

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Autumn on several projects and she is a delight to work with. She’s a great writer and editor using her unique writing techniques to help make my client’s brands stand out from the crowd. I work with many tight deadlines for client projects and she smoothly handled each one with a sense of urgency and professionalism while not missing a beat. I look forward to partnering with Autumn again on future copywriting projects.”



Sharisa Robertson

The Forgiveness Facilitator

“To say I was pleased with my kit, is an understatement, I absolutely adore it. I actually realize that my kit served a double purpose, not only for potential prospects to work with but also would serve as a nice welcome package to new clients and a great way to say thank you and acknowledge existing clients. Autumn’s way with words coupled with her choice of added effects ( working in my brand color, the packaging, and keepsake) is truly amazing. She was able to create a kit that encompassed a captivating message in such simple, creative, thoughtful, beautiful and purposeful way that in a unique way allow me  different approach to introduce myself and my services and leave a great first impression. I am excited to send these kits out and look forward to the opportunities that will come for my business/book.”



Asta Cummings

The Visual Liberator

“Prior to working with Autumn & ink well copy, I had been on a hunt looking for an excellent copywriter who can capture my message in the written word. I have struggled writing content & sale pages because my focus is video creation. So I was referred to Autumn by a sister of mine. When I needed to create a Bio for my company. She interviewed me & went to work on crafting a phenomenal Bio that I truly loved. Ever since then I use her services for Graphic quotes, Facebook status & so much more. In connecting with ink well copy I now “ONLY” attract my target audience that not only loves my video work, but also the lovely words that comes along with it. I recommend ink well copy to anyone who needs to spice up their content or just a restart button.”