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{Freehand Friday} 3 Copywriting Tweaks That Lead To More Sales.

All write-y, then! This week’s post is going to be filled with tips for obtaining a higher conversion rate simply by tweaking your website’s copy. Copywriting that’s both persuasive and engaging can hook website readers instantly. It improves conversions and sales, which brings real income potential. But what most people don’t realize is tweaking your […]

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{Freehand Friday} Five Reasons Why Nostalgia Is Creating A Society Of Junkies.

Addiction sucks! It’s an uncontrollable habit that corrupts your brain by changing the way it registers pleasure, subsequently draining your desire for learning and motivation. It’s a coping mechanism to get you through the day. You constantly crave the object of your addiction. You lose control over its use. And you continue to involve yourself […]

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{Freehand Friday} You Don’t Know Jack.

On July 8th at 2:58am my nephew, Jackson Ryder, was born. At 6 pounds, 3 ounces, and 19 inches long, he’s the most handsome little man I’ve ever seen. In honor of Jackson’s birth, here are three pieces of advice every person should embrace as they embark on life’s journey. 1. You don’t learn anything […]

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