Your hustle isn’t just some crazed hobby. It’s art.


It embodies:

  • Every monochromatic bead of sweat,
  • Every project-shattering mistake,
  • Every soul-touching scar,
  • Every corrosive emotional wound re-exposed,
  • Every rage-inducing minute of creative block,
  • Every agitating, sleepless night,
  • And every passionate second of reawakening your talent.


It allows the uninhibited beat of your unhampered heart, truly making your life worth living.


While the traditional, colorless copywriter might eloquently describe to your prospects:

  • When you make your art,
  • Where you make your art,
  • Why you make your art,
  • How you make your art,
  • And the price…..


ink well copy will make your prospects vibrantly and profoundly feel your art, by telling the story of how:

  • Creativity kidnapped you, forcing your inspiration to be its recipe for art.
  • An unquenchable yearning for a transcendent medium drenches your sanity.
  • The insatiable intuition of your hands fiercely stirs until the elements infuse.
  • Your searing emotional connection flavors your intended expression.
  • The process of producing a piece of artwork worthy of personifying your soul is priceless.


You’re an artist.
No, forget that.
You’re a creative.
After all, artists starve. Creatives eat.

ink well copy


  • ink [ingk] – Noun

Another name for a tattoo or the process of tattooing.

  • well [wel] – Noun

A frame that secures the wheel on a wheelchair.

Good. Sound. Right.

  • copy [kop-ee] – Noun

Writing that intends to sell a product or service.


  • ink well copy [ingk / wel / kop-ee] – Noun

A company, started by Autumn Tompkins, whose sole intention is to sell your art through her written word from a wheelchair while rockin’ the only type of art you can actually take to the grave.

Autumn Tompkins


I’m the Head Sass-Master and Word Artist at ink well copy. I’m a nail-biting, Southern Comfort-loving, poker-playing, adventure-seeking, animal-adoring, tattoo addict who has a way with words.


Writing to increase your revenue is my passion. I could list my accomplishments here, but I ate a slice of humble pie long ago. Plus, they wouldn’t fit. I’m just that awesome!


I also happen to be disabled; confined to a wheelchair Muscular Dystrophy style.

Oh no. Tear.

But wait, before you grab a violin and have a pity party for me….


Didn’t I just say I consume alcohol? Gasp!

Didn’t I just say I’m always looking for adventure? Gasp!!

Didn’t I just say I have tattoos? Gasp!!!


I know what you’re thinking and it’s probably true; I should stay home, mope around, and lead a sheltered life, because I have a disability. Fortunately, I’m simply not that type of person.


I live by a quote I discovered on a Salada Teabag (Don’t worry Salada, this shout-out’s on the house), “Failure follows the person whose wishbone is where their backbone should be.” The world and incidentally my body are my canvases. I have to live my life to the fullest. Otherwise, what could have been, will never be.


I’m a somebody. I don’t write for just anybody. I write for other somebody’s. And you, my creative friend, are a somebody.


Things that make my life worth living:

  • Writing
  • Unpredictable medical equipment
  • Coca-Cola
  • Awkward social situations
  • Office supplies


Watch my tale of whoa. Not woe. Woe’s for wannabes.