{Freehand Friday} 3 Ways Creativity Rocks

Do you know what’s so awesome about creativity?

It generates ingenious ideas.

Here’s three ways that it rocks:

1. Sitting in a bar, listening to your friends whine about the responsibilities in their lives.

That’s how Gary Dahl came up with his multimillion dollar idea: Pet Rocks. The alcohol couldn’t numb his creativity.

2. Sitting in a cabin, soberly developing the right packaging for your fad.

That’s where Gary Dahl sketched out the cardboard carrier for his Pet Rocks, complete with holes and a nest of wood shavings. The stale air couldn’t suffocate his creativity.

3. Sitting in the woods, concocting puns for your greatest achievement.

That’s where Gary Dahl wrote down every pun, play on words, and gag he could think of to create the manual for his Pet Rocks. The sunshine and singing birds couldn’t sideline his creativity.

Do you know what’s so awful about creativity?

You become its captive.

And sometimes your best idea becomes the chain that binds you: leaving you penniless, heartbroken, and pissed off.

Just like Gary Dahl.

Treat creativity with respect. Otherwise it won’t respect you.

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