{Freehand Friday] 5 Words To Eliminate From Your Copy NOW.

Eliminate words?

You bet your pretty little syllables.


Because the following words are common. Everyone uses them. Think of them as the ice in your iced caramel latte. They’re just filler words that water down your potently caffeinated prose.

They waste your audience’s time. They don’t add meaning. And ultimately they lack the espresso beans (If you know what I mean.) to get them to buy your products/services.

Here are 5 words to eliminate from your copy now.

Strategic. Don’t use this word unless you’ve devised a coup d’etat to covertly conquer Antarctica from the penguins. Every member of your audience has a plan. They’re assuming you have one to solve their problems, too.

World-class. Don’t use this phrase unless you actually are a world-record holder. You’re audience isn’t looking for someone who’s undefeated. They’re looking for someone they can relate to and make a connection with.

Breakthrough or groundbreaking. Don’t use these words unless you’ve cured cancer or convinced Dunkin Donuts to sell its caramel swirl sauce to the general public. Stop exaggerating your contribution to mankind.

Market-leading. Don’t use this word unless you’ve won an award in your market. Furthermore, your audience doesn’t care. They only care about what you can do for them through the benefits of your product/service.

Cutting-edge, innovation or state-of-the-art. Don’t use these words unless you’ve perfected heart surgery or improved upon the design of the latest crack-berry. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re not Thomas Edison.

These words and phrases only undermine your credibility. Instead, be specific and keep your copy short.

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