{Freehand Friday} Don’t Give Yourself A Black Eye This Friday.

Oh, Black Friday! It’s every shopper’s dream come true. They wake up shortly before the moon, grab their go-go juice, and wait in line with the other 5,689 people at the local crash-n-dent for a $10 DVD player. Their faces glimmer with joy, but it might be tears from the uppercut Soccer Mom #475 gave them as they each clamored to reach the last idiot box accessory.

You, understanding the power of the internet and realizing sane shoppers don’t actually go into a brick-n-mortar on Black Friday, want to cash in on all the craziness so you discount your prices.

Wait one damn minute, my cute little creative…

Don’t undervalue yourself.

Do you know what irritates me more than Dunkin’ Donuts gipping me out of extra caramel syrup in my latte?

Creatives discounting their work.

Do you know why this gets my panties in a twist faster than burnt espresso?


A) You insinuate to your customers that you, and therefore, the time you spent on your work are worthless.

B) You send your customers the subliminal message that you’re not an expert, and therefore, your work is sub par garbage.

C) You screw over the rest of the creatives in your industry who try to earn a decent living, and therefore, customers assume we should discount our prices, too.

Your hustle isn’t a hobby so stop acting like you don’t care if you get paid.

Here are three tips to help you stop undervaluing yourself:

-Be confident in your work. You’re the expert your customers are looking for.

-Customers know they get what they pay for. Oftentimes, they’ll skip right over you because when they see “sale” they think “cheap”. Cheap meaning low quality, of course. Your creations aren’t crap. They’re the embodiment of your soul.

-Don’t take your skills for granted. They’re what make you unique.

Do you participate in Black Friday sales?


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