{Freehand Friday} Five Reasons Why Nostalgia Is Creating A Society Of Junkies.

Addiction sucks!

It’s an uncontrollable habit that corrupts your brain by changing the way it registers pleasure, subsequently draining your desire for learning and motivation. It’s a coping mechanism to get you through the day. You constantly crave the object of your addiction. You lose control over its use. And you continue to involve yourself with it despite the adverse consequences. You become isolated, disinterested, and usually can’t function in society.

Nostalgia is an addiction. It’s a longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Your dirty needle is filled with a drug that turns you into a “Remember the good ol’ days” junkie.

As we all know, addictions are bad for you.

Here are five reasons why clinging to nostalgia is limiting your ability to be a productive member of society.

Self-Absorption – Nostalgia causes you to only think of your needs and wants. You miss out on meaningful connections and lose opportunities for personal development. Thinking only of yourself creates a form of arrogant pride that closes your mind to the remarkable attributes of others. It’s through others that you cultivate your soul and your network, not narcissism.

Perpetual Adolescence – Nostalgia nurtures your connection to your younger, perhaps happier self. Instead of growing and evolving, it causes you to live in your past during the present. You simply can’t get stuck living this way. All it does is breed ignorance. And believe me, no matter what anyone tells you, ignorance isn’t bliss.

Lack of Curiosity – Nostalgia fosters a passive mind. It makes your mind less receptive to new ideas. It makes your mind less interested in new possibilities. And it makes your mind less excited about the future. Don’t let nostalgia make your mind bored. Boredom really can kill.

Memory Blind Spots – Nostalgia distorts memories. It tricks you into seeing your childhood through rose-colored glasses. Your childhood wasn’t always filled with lollipops and puppy dogs. The trials and tribulations you faced created the person you are today. Don’t block out those memories.

Kills Creativity – Nostalgia stifles your ability to come up with new ideas. It holds your creativity hostage with thoughts about the fear of failure, the fear of ambiguity, and the fear of comparison. Ultimately, it drains your confidence and your brain. Ingenuity is the key to success. Don’t let nostalgia keep you from reaching your full potential.

Is your nostalgia addiction under control?

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