{Freehand Friday} 3 Ideas That Transformed My Spirit.

This past weekend, I had a whirlwind adventure in New York City. I had the distinct honor of attending The Activate Conference. This event, created by Lucinda Cross, was meant to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs.

In honor of this awesome experience, I wanted to craft an enlightening post to share with you how much I learned. I was going to tell you about how I came to know Lucinda, how we’ve worked together, and how I was truly humbled to receive two shout-outs from stage from my Activate Family.

But those are just details. They won’t inspire or empower you. So instead I’m going to share with you three ideas that resonated with me. These beliefs caused me to feel something in my soul so power that I left the Activate Conference with a new prerogative.

“Some of the greatest lies ever told come from between your two ears.” – Coach Felecia Scott

I struggle with this. What makes me so different? I’m not. I’m only doing what I need to do in order to survive just like the rest of you. But I need to stop lying to myself. I am different. I’m not a nobody. I am somebody. If I’m going to be successful, then I need to stop believing the lies I tell myself.

“Know your worth. Because you deserve it.” – Janell Hazelwood

I know I have something special to offer the world. I know it’s valuable. I just have to come clean with myself. Because I deserve to be successful.

“Operate in your own talent. It’s your million dollar secret.” – Lucinda Cross

I’m not saying I’ll ever be a millionaire, but I know what my talent is; writing. From this gift, I’ll at least make a six figure salary. My goal for that is 2016.

These three ideas transformed my spirit. I could go on and on, gushing about how I’m going to live differently and refocus my life and business, but I won’t. Again, those are just details. They won’t help you come into your own.

But I will tell you this, remember how I referred to Lucinda and Company as my Activate Family? Well, it’s true; I’ve finally found where I belong. With the Activators.

You see, I never really knew where I fit in or where I belonged. In high school, I used to hide in the art room. In college, I used to hide in the library. “Hide” was the exact terminology I used. Mostly because I thought I had nothing to offer the world. But I don’t have to hide anymore, concealing my gifts. I now know I’m important. I have something to share with and help change the world.

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