{Freehand Friday} 3 Copywriting Tweaks That Lead To More Sales.

All write-y, then!

This week’s post is going to be filled with tips for obtaining a higher conversion rate simply by tweaking your website’s copy.

Copywriting that’s both persuasive and engaging can hook website readers instantly. It improves conversions and sales, which brings real income potential.

But what most people don’t realize is tweaking your website’s copy so it generates more sales isn’t the same as performing brain surgery. It’s much less time consuming, and there’s absolutely no blood involved.

Unless you’re like me and suffer a technological aneurism because your website crashed. In which case, you may have thrown it on the floor, but not before it hit your footrests and fractured your toe.

Then, there’d be blood involved.

But I digress.

So without further ado or bloodshed, here are three tips for improving your sales by tweaking your website’s copy.

And guess what? They’re backed by statistics.

Tip #1:

Do you know how much you can increase your conversion rate if you craft a compelling call-to-action on your sales page?

By positioning language to make readers feel like they need to take immediate action, you’ll see a 31% increase your sales.

The lackluster “Buy Now” button isn’t compelling anyone to take action. But a button that says “Buy Now and Get Started”, now that’s actionable and ultimately, profitable.

Tip #2:

Do you know how much you can increase your conversion rate if you trivialize the investment?

Specific language reminding customers that their investment into your product is easy or inexpensive will increase your sales by 20%.

So add the word “small” before the fee amount in the call-to-action copy and watch your sale’s soar.

Tip #3:

Do you know how much you can increase your conversion rate if you add a photo to your website?

From placing images of happy customers on your website to using images to explain your product, you’ll increase your sales by 102.5%!

So add a photo of you to your bio. You can bank on the power of that image to help convince people to buy.

A photo is truly worth a thousand words.

What other copywriting tweaks have generated more sales for you?

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