{Freehand Friday} 3 Reasons Why I’m Not Giving Up On 2014.

2014 was supposed to be the Year of Autumn.

I turned 30 year’s old. I wasn’t supposed to live past 3 months of age. So I was trippin’ on the whole “Do something big before you die, because you’ve been living on borrowed time” cliché.

I set badass goals that included creating a kickass marketing plan for my business, becoming a writer for a well-known publication, and pitching a PR campaign to the NFL.

I was even so ballsy that I decided I was going to earn $3,000 every month from my business. Some might say that’s not a goal, but making that kind of money each month would allow me to fund my every desire. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but in my experience, it makes life more comfortable.

So I started off the year with goals, a business coach, and a whole latta heart.

The first goal I accomplished was creating a kickass marketing plan. I made mad business moves including getting hired by my dream client.

The second goal I started working to accomplish was becoming a writer for a well-known publication. I’ve guest blogged and written articles for several not-so-well-known publications and a few so-so publications.

But something happened.


I could go on with every excuse known to man including “my dog ate my homework”.

1. Because I have a dog.
2. Because she did destroy the notebook that contained my precious marketing plan.

But excuses are for whiny little bitches. I’m not one of those. In fact, I’m the founder of the Society for the Prevention of Whiny Little Bitches. (Don’t look that up. I’ve haven’t filed my 501 (c) 3 yet. It’s in the works.)

I haven’t accomplished my goals for 2014.

I haven’t been published by a well-known publication. I haven’t pitched my PR campaign to the NFL. Hell, I’ve barely made $1,000 each month from my business.

Some people would say “screw it” and wait for 2015 to try to achieve this year’s goals. And while I can appreciate that, I can’t do it. I wasn’t born to be a quitter.

So here are three reasons why I’m not giving up on 2014 and my goals, and why you shouldn’t either.

INTEGRITY – You never know who’s watching you. It doesn’t matter who you are, people are always watching, evaluating, and judging you based on what you say you’re going to do and what you don’t do. You need to follow through with your goals because your commitment matters to people, even if you’re blissfully unaware that they’re watching you.

CONVICTION – You can choose to doubt yourself or you can choose to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself can be difficult, but it’s your only option if you want to achieve your goals. Not believing in yourself is the only thing that keeps you from doing the work that helps you achieve your goals. You must silence the little voice in your head that says “I can’t” if you want to accomplish anything. Remember, your mantras matter so believe in yourself and choose them wisely.

STRENGTH – Failure isn’t an option. It’s a stepping-stone. While failure might seem like a way out of achieving your goals, you don’t have permission to quit. You must be brave and have the courage to fulfill your commitment, even if you know you’re going to fail. Failure gives you the ability to look back and realize that your goals weren’t worth it. It doesn’t matter if you fail. What matters is the transformation you go through during the process of trying to achieve your goals. If you never go through the process, you’ll never be transformed. Transformation makes you wiser and will help you achieve a different goal.

Bottom line:
Hardships tend to occur right before success. If you give up on 2014 and yourself everyone else will, too. There are people who believe in you and your ability to be successful. I’m one of those people.

Are you giving up on 2014 or gearing up to finish 2014 strong?

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