{Freehand Friday} Four Reasons Why Blogging Sells More Art.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter – B.



And blog which just so happens to be the topic du jour.


Art is a profession of solitude.


You create your art alone.

Your audience views and interprets your art alone.


But this bad habit can be broken by blogging.


Here are four reasons why you as an artist need a blog.

1. A blog helps you interact with buyers.


By blogging, you’re starting a conversation with the world.


Establishing a dialogue let’s people know that you’re a real human being. Not some art-making android.


This interaction, when done correctly, will attract readers who will become your devoted audience, and eventually, buyers.


And we all know what that means.


Selling. More. Art.


*Finger Snap – Hair Flip*



Don’t just talk. Engage.


Ask questions and solicit feedback about your artwork.


Make sure you respond to every question, comment, and silly remark. Let your audience know that you’re listening. They’ll love you for it.


2. Search engines love them some blog, honey.


Your blog needs to have fresh content regularly. Pick a day of the week and a time of day that best suits your audience, and stick to it. Whether it’s posting every Monday at 2pm or every Thursday at 10am, make sure you stick to your schedule, faithfully.


This doesn’t guarantee immediate blogging success. But it does mean that steadily posting over a period of time will put you in better favor with search engines.


The higher you rank in the search engines, the more likely your ideal buyer will find you.


And we all know what that means.


Selling. More. Art.


*Finger Snap – Hair Flip*



Define and thoroughly research your ideal buyer. The more you know about them, the more you can craft your blog content to keep them coming back for more.


3. Blogging can help you blossom into the best possible artist you can be.


Soul searching to learn about yourself; that shit’s for suckers.


Blogging; now that’s progressive thinking.

You learn a lot about your art and your goals as an artist when you write.


Sharing what you’ve written and interacting with your audience through your blog, helps you better understand who you are as an artist.


Learning from these interactions creates the best possible artist you can be.


When you realize who you are as an artist and the immense propensity you have for greatness, you’ll create your best masterpieces.


And we all know what that means.


Selling. More. Art.


*Finger Snap – Hair Flip*



Roll with the punches regarding criticism.

As a blogger, you’ll have the occasional wannabe art critic who’ll bash every word you write about your artwork.


Don’t take them too seriously. Remember your blog is about your personal development. Not pleasing everyone with proper punctuation.


4. Just a blogger? No, you’re expert.


Blogging is the best way to establish yourself as an expert.


People are searching for answers to their questions and/or solutions to their problems roughly 684,913 times a day. If your art blog provides answers to those questions through how-to content, demonstrations, and videos, you’ll attract a loyal audience.


And that audience, if you continue to help them with their questions/problems, will become buyers.
And we all know what that means.


Selling. More. Art.


*Finger Snap – Hair Flip*



If you’re camera shy consider hosting an online radio show instead of videos.
So, why do you as an artist need a blog?


-To bring the world to your art, and your art to the world.

-To share your unique perspective as a creative individual.

-To broaden your artistic horizons.


But bottom-line:


There’s no better place to connect with a buyer than on your blog.


And we all know what that means.


Do you blog?

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