{Freehand Friday} Win a Prize!

Yo, sup?


That’s me, summoning the best greeting the English language had to offer in 2002.


In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been fairly silent on my blog the past few weeks.


Nothing personal.


I’m just twerking tweaking a few things so I can provide the best possible products and services to you in 2014.


To help boot 2013 out-the-hizzy and celebrate my 500th Twitter Follower, I’m hosting a giveaway.


What’s the prize she’s giving away, you ask?


It’s a surprise! But not just any surprise.


Here’re a few hints to help you guess what I’m giving away:

-It indulges your love of curse words.

-It elicits a shitty grin on your face.

-It sparks your creativity.


How do I win the surprise, you ask?


That’s simple.


-Go to my Twitter Account

-Follow me

-Post what you think the prize is to my wall with the hashtag #inkwellprize


The first person to guess what the prize is correctly, wins.


If no one guesses correctly, I’ll choose one person who I believe posted the funniest response.


That’s right! If you’re unsure of what the prize is, make something up that you think will make me laugh.


You have until 11:59pm on December 31st to guess what the surprise is.


You’re also going to want to subscribe to my blog to receive updates about the giveaway.


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