{Freehand Friday} The Six Simple Steps to Becoming a Respected Artist

The greatest human flaw is constantly searching for the approval of others.

Artists are guiltier than others when it comes to this.

Stop looking for respect, you approval whore.

It’s a destructive way to live.

When you base your happiness on the way others perceive you, you automatically set yourself up for failure.

They don’t know the true you.
They don’t know why you do what you do.
They don’t know your life history.

Their perception of you will never be accurate because they don’t live your life.

If you want to be an artist that’s truly respected, stop living to get respect. You must march to the arrhythmic beat of your own dry rotted drum.

What to do to become a respected artist:

1. Know art history and study different styles.

Respect your craft by knowing its history and the different styles within it. You can’t be respected if you’re ignorant.


2. Always use your own unique art style.

Don’t copy or even imitate someone else. You’re not Hopper, Pollock, or even Van Gogh. You’ll just be compared to them.


3. Know why you create art.

When you present your artwork, make sure you have an articulate explanation for what you do, why you do it, and what influences your creativity.


4. Don’t brag about your artwork.

Okay, so maybe you can boast just a little bit if your artwork is featured in The Museum of Modern Art. But remember to be humble.

Nobody likes a narcissist.


5. Respect other artists.

Don’t criticize other artists unless it’s constructive, offered in a courteous manner, and above all, solicited.

Additionally, when you’re at an art show for another artist, don’t approach the gallery owner and tell them you want them show your artwork or ask the featured artist to put in a good word for you with the gallery owner.


6. Always follow through on the business-end of art.

Stick to your word, and don’t make empty promises to yourself or others.

If you’re meeting with a gallery to showcase your artwork, arrive on time.

If you’re being commissioned to create a piece of artwork, work within the parameters your client requested.

If you’re selling your artwork, be consistent with pricing. 


Bottom line:

Stop caring about the perceptions of others. Nobody knows you. Let go of your insecurities. They aren’t real anyhow. Do what you say you’re going to do. Work hard at your craft to live the way you want.

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