{Freehand Friday} Da Vinci and Doubt

Yesterday I attended The Celebrating Women In Business Conference. I was a vendor at this event.


Hence my tardiness with this post.


During this event, our keynote speaker enlightened his audience with The Seven da Vincian Principles which I thought profoundly relevant given this conference had nothing to do with art.


The first of these principles is Sfumato. It means a willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty. The keynote speaker quoted da Vinci, “The painter who has no doubts will achieve little.”


This statement resonated with me.


Artists are the only creators who can discover an affinity for anarchy.


It leads directly toward the essence of their being.


This is because artists are filled with uncertainty.


Are they good enough to be an artist?
Are they original enough to be an artist?
Are they taken serious enough by others to be an artist?


These doubts become so tumultuous that they produce a fire of emotions deep within the artist.


When the artist is willing to embrace these emotions, the artist creates masterpieces worthy of representing their soul.


So when you feel your life is going up in smoke just remember a little chaos which is doubt in disguise sparks creativity.


Seize it.

Snuggle it.

Make sweet, sweet love to it.

And unleash the awesomest possible artworks you are capable of creating.


Here’s a picture of me with my super cool portfolio.


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